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Kurt has attended Harvest Bible Chapel Kansas City with his family since January 2011 and has served as an elder since 2014. Kurt and his wife, Laura, have three children (Faira, Benjamin, and William) and enjoy serving in the Harvest Young Adult Ministry. Kurt has a passion for the truth of God’s Word, especially applying it in the defense of the Christian faith. He loves spending time with his family and is an avid basketball fan.



Sal has been a member of the elder team since 2013. He serves as the prayer coordinator for the weekly church prayer newsletter and prayer team. He assists Chad McKinley in oversight of the small group ministry and also serves as a flock leader. Sal has a passion for Christian Theology and enjoys researching, preaching and teaching God’s word. Sal is married to Karin and they have two grown children Grace and Christopher, and three grandchildren.


Chad has been an elder since 2014. Currently, he partners with Sal Lofaso in the leadership and oversight of small group ministries. He has a passion to see people transformed by Christ through biblical counseling. He enjoys reading, and studying in the areas of theology and biblical counseling. Chad is married to Maggie, and they have three daughters (Rowan, Bristol, Isla) and one son (Hudson). He enjoys spending his time with his family playing superheroes and princesses. He is also a life-long Kansas City Royals and Chiefs fan (even in the painful times).


Jeff has been an elder since 2010, when Harvest Bible Chapel Kansas City launched and serves as the senior pastor. His joy is to serve alongside the elders of Harvest as they endeavor to shepherd the flock Christ has entrusted them, providing leadership with doctrine, discipline, and direction. Some of his favorite pastimes are: spending time with family, reading books on theology, listening to sermons while working out, watching movies, and enjoying America’s true national pastime - baseball! Jeff and his wife Sally have three daughters: Meg, Mallory, and Macy.


Doug and his family joined Harvest Bible Chapel Kansas City in January of 2013 and he has served as an Elder since 2014. Doug and his wife, Sarah, have four children (Julia, Luke, Elyse and Garrett). Doug assists in the oversight of discipleship, finances and facilities. He enjoys spending time with his wife and children (swimming, biking, playgrounds and movies), studying God’s Word and shepherding God’s people.

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